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Fixing Shots
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On every shoot there are things that could have gone better, there are things in shot that shouldn't be there: from a cup of latte to a road sign. The saying 'fix it post' rings out.


At VFXLA we specialize in finding the simplest most affordable solution.

Large & Small 

Whatever screen you project is destined for, we can help you.


We will work with you to fix the shot, you will receive watermarked review copies, once you sign off on the shot, you pay us electronically on-line, and then we send you the final fixed shot.

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  • Interactive
  • XR/ AR / VR 
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In independent filmmaking, resources are scarce, our schedules are tight and we're usually balancing several things that are beyond our control. VFXLA has been a godsend in fixing the unfixable in post, they have offered great solutions that have worked out remarkably. 

Anike Tourse | Writer, Producer & Director 
"America; I Too", "America's Family"

In beauty work, the best visual effects are the ones you don't see.

VFXLA really understood how to make our problems go away.

The best thing about their work for us was that it was invisible.

They understand what needs to be done. On time and on budget.


The team behind VFXLA has worked with alPunto on the Daisy account for over 10 years. They know exactly how to finesse the footage and make it look perfect. Whether it is a dollop of cream, or a package replacement, they handle it!


Eduardo Bottger | Owner | alPunto Advertising 

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